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Developing Products, Services, Processes & Strategies
In Order To Improve Complex Systems & The User Experience

Through Human-Centered Design Research & Design Thinking Methodologies

Research Preparation

Building Research Plan

Defining The Challenge

Stakeholders Mapping


Preliminary Research

Designer Notebook
Collect Information

Qualitative research

Data-Driven Design

Literature Reviews

Digital Observations

Benchmark & Trends

Surveys & Questionnaires

Contextual Learning

​Ethnographic Research

In-Depth Interviews

Observations Job Shadowing

Diary Studies

Card sorting

Mood Board

Designer Notebook
Extracting Insights

Processing Research Findings

Extracting Insights & Barriers Identifying Opportunity Areas

Mapping the system

Customer Journey

Mental Map  



Ideation workshop

Prioritize Concepts

Usage Scenario 

Prototyping (Lo-fi/Hi-fi)

Usability Testings

Extracting Insights



Research Preparation

Collecting Information

Extracting Insights

Ideation & Prototyping

Let's talk and understand the stakeholder's motivations, goals, pain points & behavior pattern trends 

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